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Week 14 – A Movie Review through the Looking Glass

This week we are to watch a movie from the perspective of MKMMA. I chose, A Good Lie.

This is a powerful movie no matter how you look at it.

Let me start by telling you this is a tough story to watch. To be honest, I went ahead watching only because I knew it had a good ending. As good as you can reasonably expect after the trauma of a very gruesome war on a child. Watching anything war related hits me at a level that generally makes me physically ill. I have a difficult time finding any sort of “entertainment” in the viewing of war movies. But I had seen all the other options, save one… that’s next on my list.

The movie opens with a horrific attack on a small village in Sudan. The only survivors are children. Some who even “played dead” to avoid being shot. The opening scene is absolute terror. Your heart bleeds for what they are about to endure. As if losing everyone they ever knew and loved wasn’t bad enough, they are to embark on a frightening, extremely long trek among dangerous wild animals, inadequate food and water, in a land saturated with soldiers that will kill them on the spot, or take them if they are old enough to be a “soldier”.

So lets check off the necessary components to success… A DMP backed by a burning desire… A plan of action, and a mastermind Group!

Destination: Safety… Backed by the very basic yet deeply ingrained human desire of self preservation. I’ve heard many stories about people who are placed in dire circumstances and it is most simply their desire to stay alive that brings them through events seemingly impossible. Most certainly you would not set 5 or so children out in the middle of the wild in Africa and hope they make it over 1000 miles to safety.

These children know they must get out of the area and to safety. They remember the stories they were told… Follow the rising sun. They literally employ simple science and embrace the “compass” within the stories they were told in order to determine the best direction to walk. They follow the rising sun.

They walk with determination, and they do what they can to meet their needs along the way. I was struck by the scene that makes any person’s stomach churn when they finish burying one of the smaller children who could not endure the environment; they have no water, and they drink their own urine. Announcing one by one, “I do not want to die, I want to live”. You start to gather they don’t want to just survive… they seek a full life, and they are planning for it. AND, they will do whatever it takes.

Soon enough they come up on a group who is RETURNING From the direction they intend to go. They are informed the soldiers have taken over. They can no longer go this way.

It’s also worthy of note they carry a bible with them. They lean on the stories of the bible throughout their walk. This bible is carried through their escape. Its pages are worn, and have seen all they went through. I mention this because it appears to lend to their master mind. Their master mind group at first is just the group of them. They are organized, and supportive. When they run into the larger group they seem to increase their mastermind group. They’ve already been working well together, and supporting each other, but they’ve added a group with a common goal. I imagine a bit of the stress is diminished… comfort in numbers… However, it turns out they are safe only for a short period of time.

The movie will highlight yet another heart wrenching situation when they finally reach clean flowing water. ¬†An amazing event in and of itself, and the large group decides to walk along the water. You couldn’t paint a more perfect “river of dreams”. It is the oldest child who realizes they are in danger. Their goal of a life is threatened by following the crowd. They are easy targets, as the need for water draws them in. It is the oldest who insists his small group deviate, and cross the river and leave the pack. He quickly sets up a plan to get them across, and sadly another of his group is quickly lost to murder, as the larger group is, in fact walking into an ambush. They escape through a scene that no child should ever witness… bodies, young and old, floating down the river. When a river, or water is normally the picture of life, it is now a stream of blood and death.

At this juncture I’m shouting at the screen at the bastards that are stealing their lives, their innocence, and their childhood. Things we all take for granted. Tears. How do they do this?

Finally, the children see a city. They make their way to a refugee camp that has food, water and medicine. Their numbers have dwindled. The losses heartbreaking. It is bizarrely anticlimactic. I think because when they walk in, they walk into a group of people who have all been through the same thing. Finally, food, water… safety. Absolute exhaustion. Much rest is needed.

Believe it or not, this is simply the opening of the movie, the first 30 minutes or so. I’m not inclined to break down the rest of the movie. It’s nothing anywhere near as harsh as they have already endured, but they run into obstacle after obstacle to forge forward with a life they want to live. They have developed new goals! And they have developed the fortitude to reach those goals. Each Child, and then adult has figured it out under the harshest of conditions. There is simply nothing going to stop them. Obstacles are presented at every turn. They choose to see the silver linings, and they figure out how to stay on their paths. They enlist the aid of others. They pray. They work hard. They do whatever it takes. And well, one of them might have told a lie ūüėČ But I don’t want to ruin it for you!

Finally, this movie adds an insane layer of perspective to our own lives. Giving one much to think about when perhaps thrown an obstacle that feels overwhelming. Is it really? Our realities are our own, I will never diminish that… But wow… Food for thought!

Trailer: The Good Lie…


Week 14 – The main thing is the main thing.

A rainbow Reflected through an Eastern Facing Peep Hole (a looking GLASS!)

So, here I am… Behind in my writing tasks.

My DMP is FULL… It’s awesome. It’s hugely overwhelming, in a good way, but overwhelming none the less. I’m on target with parts, others… well…

So much I want to do. I’m learning to use my time wisely.

And to be honest, I feel scattered. Which is me slipping into the old blue print, floating down the river of dreams in an inner-tube, not realizing that perhaps a I’m about to be pulled under if I don’t pay attention and get out before the nasty rapids consume me.

The main thing is the main thing… and I feel like I’m spinning… What the heck is the main thing? Did I state THE MAIN THING? Hmmm…

It’s interesting to me the things that get me off my path… are also things ON MY PATH! And then I think, am I really OFF my path? Or am I frazzled, because I think OTHERS think I’m off my path because they only know, or care about part of the path. They have prioritized my path. Which isn’t necessarily equal to my priorities. And then I feel the pressure. Pressure that’s not mine… letting it go! Did you feel that…WOOSH… that’s me letting go of other people’s ideas of what I should be doing…

Well, I did always get bored on a smooth straight hi-way. I’d rather take the pretty, bumpy, curvy dirt road! Where my ankles and whole body get sore, yet strong, I’m breathless, and my eyes, mind, body and soul are taking it all in…

So, of course I want to build my biz. AND I want to be homeschooling my children, AND we want a new home we call our own, AND I want my body just so. Just recently, I’ve really felt the click with homeschooling. I’m just clicking into the body work outs. A new home seems to be closer in the future than perhaps I realized…

I need an extra push with the biz part… and then Mark drops NARC on us… Seriously, this is just getting spooky… How does he know we need that right now? We are so predictable…¬†What an AWESOME tool…

It’s an interesting prospect to really define what a pleasure is for ourselves. There was a time I literally just let that all go. I just quit pursuing anything I enjoyed as it was always a let down and utterly exhausting.

So what is the feeling of pleasure… This is fascinating because I was just telling my mom about this ONE feeling I remember the most from childhood. The feeling I get when I see¬†¬†sunrise rainbows projected into my bedroom as a little girl as I had a crystal hanging in my eastern facing window. There is something absolutely magical and simply fantastic about rainbows scattered around your bedroom. God’s Promise! (Read the story of Noah’s Arc if you are unfamiliar with God’s Promise. The rainbow, as a symbol of the promise ¬†after epic storms of biblical proportions. ) Rainbows are simply Divine…The thought of this lightens my heart and refreshes me. It brings me to a centered peace. How to describe it better? They offer relief. There will not be utter destruction. They show me that God’s got my back.

It’s the diversity of the color… the Main thing looks like white light… But then you split it, you realize it’s made of all these colors. And that’s what makes me happy! The color, the depth… I need to see and feel it all. Whereas others perhaps only see and look for the white light. ¬†That white light is just an illusion, it’s what is seen because the colors are so powerful. It may seem brilliant but it doesn’t display all of the beauty.

I’m learning how to blend my colors and not get too much concentration into just one area at the expense of color in another area. But the Main THING… is a rainbow… As Davene reminds us, the Sum is Greater than all the parts… You may see the the main thing as a big white light… but my joy comes into play when you split that light… Showing a complete and full spectrum rainbow.

Hugs and Love!




Week 12 – Positively Biased

The week 12 assignment was to make up 20-30 cards with positive things we’ve done… so we may review the good things in our life instead of focusing on the little negative things. Easy Peasy… Right???

Well, surely, in the course of my life I’ve accomplished 20-30 things that I’m happy about. Big or small. And yes, I came up with them. But dang it was like pulling my own teeth. Why is that?

The time we hiked black sand beach to Hana.

The lesson was simply a weird observation of myself. Generally speaking, I’m a positive person. While I can get quite passionate about many topics, especially of the wrong doing to others (I’m quite certain others think this is me being negative… I have no tolerance for the ill treatment of others, and I don’t have a problem voicing such intolerance. That’s probably a whole other blog post).

Hubby pulling me from a near drowning experience – “I’ve got you!”

I would say that I do, have done, and experienced lots of good things. But it was like staring at a blank wall. Nothing! NOTHING came to mind. Not even bad things. I have managed to be able to block or simply give no energy to many “bad” things, or not assign them much significance: Like the time in the 3rd grade that I peed on my own suitcase at a class camp-out.

Oh Yeah – 3rd Grade – Helping Miss Muno Fix a Poster

Now you would think that would be super embarrassing, and somewhat scarring. Perhaps I blocked it to prevent myself from reliving the horror of such an event. But I didn’t even remember doing it until someone reminded me about 5 years later. And even then I couldn’t actually remember doing it. I thought it was a hysterical story. I sat laughing until I had tears running down my face. And it was so much more funny to me that it was ME!

Now I add “The Pee story” as a hysterical memory.

My mom even later confirmed that I was seemingly completely unphased by the incident, other than to casually tell her it happened. I only share that, because it now occurs to me I seem to float along with really cool things happening in my life and not being greatly phased by it.

Playing the entire roll of Lady McBeth in the 5th grade.

Shouldn’t I be greatly phased? Well, when I really sit and think about it, I am. However, after I wrote down carrying and giving birth (early) to perfectly healthy twin boys… I had nothin’… at least for several minutes.

Have I assigned no outstanding significance to the good things in my life? That’s just kind of sad.

Hearing “I Love you too” for the last time before my grandmother passed.

I don’t feel negatively biased, OR positively biased. I seem to live in neutral. Or at least that is where my mind was during the task. Because really, as I wrote things down, yes… they made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. I felt warm and fuzzy.

“Spaghetti!” – Granny’s noun for EVERYTHING!¬†

I’m excited to see what my thought process is or how obvious my positive bias becomes end of Jan. and Feb. after running through these cards daily. I’m also going to add more items.( I’ve added a few more as I was editing.) I know there are so many things to be ENTHUSIASTIC about. I do consider myself quite blessed. Most simply it was weird that I couldn’t just ramble off a huge list. Because in reality? The list is HUGE!

Communicating with my own children who were late talkers.

¬†I think I’m on a roll now! PRACTICE!!!! This will be fun!

Week 11 -Persistence is a Habit

I wonder. Were we born persistent? Was our persistence squashed by well meaning adults? Or perhaps as an adult by someone we allowed to have too much influence over ourselves? Mark had discussed the Monarch butterfly. It just knows that it needs to head south. It doesn’t worry when it will get there. It just goes. It’s a built in mechanism.

If persistence is a habit, and habits can be changed… could it be that our naturally occurring habits were forced out of us?

I ponder this because I’m a parent who wants to make sure she doesn’t destroy this already existing, observable habit in her children. ¬†At the same time recognizing that I can change my own habits to make sure persistence towards my goals becomes well established… or rather reestablished.

I am a mother of 10 year old twin boys. One of them is the most persistent person I have ever met. Everyone who knows him, knows this to be true. And I’ll tell you, because his persistence can drive you absolutely batty, I can see how many would try to squash it. It seems there is a delicate line between letting him persevere in whatever endeavor he is currently on and trying to get him to just stop already. ¬†As a parent I try to guide him away from anything that might be destructive to his person (like eating every cookie in the house), while letting him pursue just about anything that doesn’t harm him and especially enriches his life.

He is fascinating to watch. He has shown me just how little I know, and teaches me something nearly every day. He is an extremely dyslexic child. It runs in our family, but we have not witnessed the extreme degree of dyslexia he displays. His speech was extremely delayed, and when he did start speaking, his words were often mispronounced. They still are. I was the only one who could understand him until he was almost 5 years old. He has a terrible time remembering the names of letters, and the sounds they make. He has a difficult time verbally expressing himself. And yet, he persisted through his first few years of school. While he couldn’t read a lick he managed his way around. He figures out what the teacher wants and somehow delivers. Unless, of course, it’s to be the written word. Then perhaps he would just draw a picture and explain it. He’d not get the credit for the work. But he delivered. As adults we failed to see his gift at “doing it anyway”. No matter how impossible it was for him to do. Today he and I work together homeschooling with a reading program specific for dyslexic people. And while it’s absolutely exhausting for him, he is learning how to break down the English language in a way none of us were taught. So again, I learn. He persists and we are able to remove a chunk of unnecessary anxiety. I’ve been practicing my persistence making sure he gets what he needs. I have to go deeper.

Another example is his desire to build vehicles and what-not with legos. He will ask for a kit, his brother builds the design and once they have decided it’s been together long enough, he will tear it apart and make something new. ¬†However, if he gets an idea in his head, he will spend hours looking for just the right part. We have piles and piles of legos, multiple kits broken down for future building. He seemingly knows exactly which pieces he needs. ¬†Maybe I’m just a proud mama, but no matter what… There it is… persistence. He does not rest until his project is completed as he desires.

In reflecting back to my younger years, my memory is full of my once upon a time goal of a ballet career. Never missing class. Always working my body extra between classes. Stretching, dancing, practicing, perfecting steps. Even teaching while I put myself through college getting a degree I had no desire to have but thought was necessary as I fulfilled the dreams of others. There’s that river again!

Constantly, I had obstacles thrown in front of me. My parents were not thrilled with the expense, or my schedule. There were times I simply was not allowed to participate in a program because apparently I had other things to do. My friends tired of my schedule and pressured me to “miss class just this once.” Finally, I injured my back, and most simply, I just caved. I had persisted, but I broke. That’s been a hard pill to swallow over the years. It may have been best for my body to stop. I’ll never really know.

Today, I’m learning how to reengage this habit of persistence. How to outline new goals: improved health, back to some form of dance, building a successful business… and doing what needs to be done. How to jump the obstacles that are forth coming. As we learned in week 10… I have the ability to respond. I need to prepare for the obstacles, and evade them.

I watch my son and take his style in. He just presses forward. He does what he needs to do, and always makes time to work on the task at hand to reach his next goal.

Habits are learned. Practiced… Persistence… Here I come… How about you? What have you persisted at? Where you ever persistent? Was it squashed somehow? ¬†We’ve got this!

Week 10 -DECIDE how to respond!

I don’t know about you, but there certainly have been certain situations in my life that before they even occurred dread was the emotion they evoked.

It seems we are all thrown into a relationship not necessarily by our exact choosing, but perhaps as a byproduct of another choice. I’m talking about a relationship with a co-worker, a friend of a friend, or maybe an in law.

Have you ever been on the job of your dreams except for that one person who irritates the ever livin’ hell out of you? Or you have a friend whom you adore and have a blast with, and yet her boyfriend is like nails down a chalk board. How did you deal with it? I’d like to think I dealt with said situations with some grace, but the fact is… Not always. I had not proactively decided in advance what to do or how to avoid the negative interactions or redirect interactions into land of positive outcomes. And so, instead, I reacted on the fly with my full level of agitation in control. No es bueno!

Mark discussed responsibility this week. Playing a bit with the word and changing it to your Ability to Respond. YOU get to decide how to respond.

You get to decide, should a person start “poking” at you, how to respond. You can be defensive and let the situation escalate. Or you can deflate the conversation. Mark gives an example for us Network Marketers when the unapproving family member asks in an antagonistic way… (or did you assume antagonism?) “Are you still doing that Network Marketing thing?” You can either get all flared up, and feed the fight… Or you can simply say… “Why yes I am, thanks for asking!” ¬†Now, in my case with certain people, I might have to simply excuse myself. Some people have chosen to make sure a fight happens. They are feeding their blueprint, their peptides are begging for the fight fix. But you see, we don’t have to comply.

This is a lesson to practice. Perhaps we can even get excited about that fact that certain people are going to give us a lot of practice, and rather than dread the interaction bound to happen we can get excited for the opportunity to practice our own Ability to Respond… positively.

That might be a big order. However, we don’t do small around here.



Week 9 -Don’t settle for a little wimpy boat.

As I process what to write, mentally I keep coming back to an analogy made by Davene…Our Life as a Boat… Notes taken straight from our workbook…

The Boat is your outer world… You are steering the Boat… your thoughts are the steering. The wake: It’s your past. It’s part of the old blueprint. It does not drive the boat, it does not steer the boat… Chart a NEW course…

I just really resonate with this whole analogy. Or perhaps I’m just looking to really make it my own. And so I share…

Have you been on many boats? I wouldn’t consider myself a seasoned boater. I have quite a bit to learn about them. But I LOVE being on a boat. I’ve been on a cruise ship. I had to immediately figure out how not to feel the mild motion of the boat or it was going to make me ill.Quite honestly, I think I’ll live my life just fine if I never get on another again.

My dad was a commercial fisherman. Man those are some stinky boats. My dad would say… “That’s money you’re smellin’!” Being on a boat was a job. And a dangerous one. I’m not too keen on that.

But several years ago my husband talked me into buying a boat. Well, he just really wanted one, and he works so hard I couldn’t think of a major reason not to get it. Easily we’d be spending our money on some sort of entertainment, and it seemed like a neat idea to have something to take the kids away from town, to the lake and just, as they say, get away from it all.

We had set out to buy a smallish, used speed boat. About 18 feet. Enough power to zip around the lake. When we arrived at the dealer the particular boat we were interested in turned out not to be a viable option. You see, we were going to have to temporarily finance this purchase and apparently it was too old to be considered a viable asset to finance by various financial institutions. Our next question… Well, what do you have on the lot that we could finance? That won’t break the bank?

Which is when we were introduced to a 25′ Reinell. Whoa! That’s a lot bigger than we had planned on. But it was so pretty! And had space to bring extended family and friends. There’s a cute table we can set up to eat lunch on. And a shade … and… and… Ok. Was this going to be a “wise financial decision?” While we paid it off quickly, I’m sure many think the wiseness of our decision can still be debated. But it has been a fantastic addition to our family life.

We can pull out of town on any given day with a few hours notice and be on the lake cruising, in the sun, in search of the best swimming hole for the day, or fishing spot. With our kids. No phones. No video games… Just music and lunch and amazing rejuvenating relaxation.

But back to the analogy. How often do we settle for the smaller boat? Because it feels safer? More easily obtained? Cheaper? Less resources needed to be put towards the boat? Not as risky a purchase as the bigger boat?

Is the bigger boat an opportunity presented and often bypassed by others? You know, we didn’t even tell our family we were doing “this crazy thing”. Why? Because we knew. We knew we’d be advised against such a silly idea… such a waste of money. It would be much safer… smarter… blah…blah…blah to just dream a little bit smaller.

Launching the boat. Oh boy. That was scary!! Someone has to be on the boat while another someone backs it into the water. I was afraid of being incharge of our vehicle AND the boat. The first few times we just pulled it off the trailer with ropes. But eventually, I hopped in on the land, my husband backed us (me and the kids) in, I started that baby up, put it in reverse and drove around all by myself.. While he parked. I learned how to coast up to the dock to park, you name it.

I CAN drive the boat, but I generally choose not to. ¬†My favorite two places while flying down the lake is in the front seat, wind in my hair watching various land marks whiz by us. Or standing next to my husband legs and feet firmly planted, a slight bend in my knees to absorb the bounces. THIS is what life is supposed to be like. And of course it’s nice to just float and take it all in. The laughs and giggles. The cannon balls. The quiet.

Now, regarding those wakes. They come in handy sometimes. They can add a little spunk to the ride. The bigger and faster the boat… the bigger the wake. A wake, ie. your history, hopefully isn’t all bad. If it was, I can see never wanting to cross that path again. But it’s enjoyable to reflect back. Especially on the good times. But in all honestly, you don’t want to live back there. It will literally beat the crap out of your body and the boat. And while we’re talking about it. Stay out of the wake of others. Unless you’re looking to playfully launch a skier who is looking for an extra thrill, there is NO REASON to ride in someone else’s drama either.

So whether figuratively or literally I highly recommend getting the biggest boat you can manage, launch it into the water of life, and stomp on that throttle. Slow down so that you don’t injure yourself or others when necessary… Seriously… Dream Big.

Week 8 – You’ve got to SPOT!

The little things make the big things happen…You can’t cram…Practice is the price of proficiency.

These three statements are what I wrote down and continue to gravitate to in my review of the 8th week.

Oh, and of course the mention of the compass. A compass … something you use to determine where you are, and something you use to navigate.

The practice part of this mastermind has been tough. Part of me wishes I had fewer commitments to others. My biggest trouble over the last several years has been putting everyone and everything before me. And this is a habit hard to kick; even when it has proven completely destructive… Why is that?

Is this the River of Dreams Mark talks about. What others expect? What we THINK other’s expect? Is this a safe place to operate?

Today I’m relating this topic to ballet. My first love. I can’t even begin to think how many times I’ve heard the question and asked myself… “When did you quit dreaming? Believing?” Was it somewhere just beyond childhood before “responsibilities” in adulthood kicked in.

The first time I saw a pair of toe shoes I was in. They were pretty and shiny and not broken in. I didn’t know that I had to beat them down, take away the shine and painstakingly form them to my feet before they were useful and then trash. The shoes had to surrender to me, after I surrendered my feet. Give to get… give to get.

I injured my back in my late teens and my dream of becoming any sort of ¬†professional ballerina was quickly whisked away. However, as my DMP states… “my soul floats as I dance with grace and precision.” I may have laid to rest all thoughts of a ballet career. However, I really am excited to know I will plie once again. I grande jete across the floor and I still land with near silence.


I reflect on my days in the studio and certain things come to mind that I embrace to work towards the success of my DMP.

The first is desire! What do I want? Do I want it as bad as those pretty satin covered hard boxes and glue? Do I want it as bad as a corp spot in Waltz of the Flowers, or Snow in the Nutcracker?

What do I want and how focused is my will to get it. Will I do what I’m already committed to, and then tack on the extra hours of work for my dreams?

Can I endure the failures? Because without them… It’s not going to happen. Fine tuning, self evaluation, the willingness to look at myself with a critical but loving eye is a constant necessity until everything is pulled together. There will be pain… There will be tears. There is success!

Consider a pirouette. It seems so simple to turn. But you must spot. You MUST find a spot, and keep your eyes ON THE SPOT while you turn… With strength and grace… and land…with strength and grace. You’ve GOT TO FIND YOUR SPOT! No spot? No anything else. I can’t even begin to tell you how long it took me to learn to spot.

By now you know I love to refer to various clips… for your enjoyment as much as mine… The next two clips are from one of my all time favorite ballet movies.

OH… There’s a bit of language… skip if that’s going to mess with you…


Does that hit you right in the gut? I get so emotional watching this!

Then what happens? He has to deal with his dad. It’s not generally cool for a boy to join the local ballet troupe. Lots of stigma. He has to fight for it. He has to make a huge statement of intent… perhaps a bit of which is in total defiance of what is expected of him.

Have you ever been there? Oh I have. There are so many things I’ve chosen to do that just aren’t “main stream”. ¬†Right now I’m homeschooling, I have decided to run a network marketing business. Suddenly, I’m defending myself, sometimes even to myself; which is nerve wracking. This is where dreams can be destroyed. It’s scary. Plane and simple.

This is what doing it anyway looks like… picking your spot, and then going for it. Even when others have clearly said no. Even when you’re scared.


Are your dreams that big? Do they scare you a little?

It will take practice… It will take focus… perfection always does. It takes the kind of practice that involves failures and frustrations… ¬†And by God, you have to know where ¬†you are headed and how to get there. There is no reaching of goals by accident.

So go ahead, please join me… orientate yourself to True North. Trust your selected teachers… A GO FOR IT! ¬†Because in the end… Well, I just know it’s¬†going to be so worth it…¬†I encourage you to watch Billy Elliot as I don’t want to spoil the ending.

Do you think he followed through? ¬†Will you? Will I? Well… the first small thing to get to the big thing is to grab that compass… Find our spot, and practice!


Week 7 – Forgiveness & Positive Thoughts

Forgiveness can seem a tricky thing… In my experience, if you don’t want to forgive someone, it’s because you’ve been hurt; you are in pain. You don’t want a person to hurt you again. The lack of forgiveness seemingly a shield. It seems a common thought that forgiveness is giving a person permission to hurt you again. Therefore, we often withhold forgiveness.

Interestingly enough, forgiveness is perhaps more for ourselves than it is another.

I’m reminded of a quote attributed to Buddha

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die!

Is that clear enough? If we harbor anger, and the lack of forgiveness for others, we are darkened, we destroy ourselves. How could we possibly move positively forward? Wow… a bit harsh, I know. Sometimes we feel so justified… Ya, know?

We’re talking much about forgiveness and positive thought¬†this week in our Master Mind.¬†More to the point, forgiving everyone you might need to forgive.

Like right NOW!

No thinking about it… just let it go. And further, to eradicate any negative thoughts the keep passing through our minds and even escaping our lips.

So as I approached this, I really couldn’t think of anyone I felt I was holding back forgiveness with. Except… Ok, Let’s get real, there are a few people who I’ve been beyond furious with over their poor handling of certain situations that very much negatively impacted me and my family.

Oh… there we go… a little bit of anger? Some resentment maybe? Heck ya! I’m still dealing with the consequences of said behavior.

Well, time to let go… Holding onto that gets me nowhere, it won’t change the fact I still have to simply move forward to a better situation. It’s not like I have to trust those individuals again. But I certainly don’t need to condemn them to any sort of lack of forgiveness. And that anger certainly has no place in my heart. I have actually learned much from said situation, and I can now share with others how to completely bypass many unnecessary hurdles.

Let’s get to those negative thoughts. Oh, those can be a tough can’t they? Actually, this happens to be something I’ve been working on already for a while. I’ve had experiences with anxiety, or even excitement about upcoming projects coupled with the inability to sleep. My mind will start racing and I can’t sleep.

Quality sleep is something I struggle with. So much so, It’s a part of my DMP. ¬†I simply can’t afford anything interfering with my sleep. If I wake with an important thought, I write it down so I don’t forget it… And then I work to get back to the task at hand… A restful sleep.

Mark talks about the Law of Substitution. I didn’t know the name for this before… But it’s something I already do when I wake stressed and negative. I use words that either conjure a positive image, or a quick prayer… There have been times I “chant”… “Jesus…Jesus…Jesus”… He knows what I need, when I’m too tired to think it clearly. I fill my mind with the positive and literally push out the negative.

Now, I’ll be totally honest, when I’m wide awake and if something sets me off, oh boy howdy… I’ve got some work to do. There can be so much going on that I can’t seem to reach all my tools… You know, those tools that help get through the moment with grace. And this is where the practice comes in.

I’ve even just recently put up a note in view of a work space that can become stressful.. RESPOND POSITIVELY… CALMLY!

Something keeps happening week to week. When we, the MKMMA group, study the week’s topic, someone, completely unrelated to the discussion, sends me something that perfectly fits with the topic. And I love including these bits in my blogs…

“When we think… we’re sending out on a frequency outside the range of human hearing… we’re sending out a sound…” ¬†and that sound creates something… and so I ask…¬†Just HOW IMPORTANT is it to remain positive and ditch the negativity? Very important… very, very important!














Week 6 – The Mirror…Love… Self… The Grace of God

Hello Lovies!!!

This adventure has been so interesting. I’m STILL working on my DMP. Fine tuning, Fine Tuning. I gather many are done with theirs. Surprisingly I don’t feel any pressure about that. I want it right. I’m very grateful for my guide. She poses fantastic questions. The questions seem vague at first, but they force me to really dig. What? What does she mean? Well, what do I mean? It’s time consuming, and yet I’m eating it up. It’s all marinating to the perfect level of seasoning. I’ve been struggling with this WHY thing for several years now. In my heart I know it’s because I’ve tried to do so in the traditionally over simplified fashion. Something people seem to think you can just write it down out of thin air in five minutes or less. It’s felt a very shallow, unfulfilling, and totally confusing process in the past.

I’m so pleased that today it is different. This process is a rich, perfectly milled, roasted and mixed with just the right amount of cream and sugar chocolate bar.

I’m so blessed to have found this program. I believe finding this program is the result of having already set the attention in the past to finding what I need to move forward. Always looking, investigating, observing, listening for what I need. I just didn’t know what it was that I needed.

Lord show me the way, and please grant me the vision to recognize and choose the right path.

This week Mark introduced the group to one of my all time favorite poems. My mother used to have this framed on her dresser. I never knew who the author was. Thanks to the Mark and the internet, I now know the author and the original version…

The Guy in the Glass

by Dale Wimbrow, (c) 1934

When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf,

And the world makes you King for a day,

Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,

And see what that guy has to say.

For it isn’t your Father, or Mother, or Wife,

Who judgement upon you must pass.

The feller whose verdict counts most in your life

Is the guy staring back from the glass.

He’s the feller to please, never mind all the rest,

For he’s with you clear up to the end,

And you’ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test

If the guy in the glass is your friend.

You may be like Jack Horner and “chisel” a plum,

And think you’re a wonderful guy,

But the man in the glass says you’re only a bum

If you can’t look him straight in the eye.

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,

And get pats on the back as you pass,

But your final reward will be heartaches and tears

If you’ve cheated the guy in the glass.

Is that as profound for you as it is me? Who are you trying to please? Are you doing it at the cost of yourself? Your morals? Your… you name it… dig, Dig, DIG!!!

I used this poem in a lit class in high school. I was often the odd girl out. Not really a crowd follower. I wish that meant I was able to truly follow my own path… But at least I didn’t follow paths that didn’t morally resonate… It’s a start, right?

Today, I’m sharing a few videos. I came across two of them just yesterday… and was hit right between the eyes with both of them…

The first is a short interview with Lady Gaga… haha! Seriously, I like her beat, but she’s never particularly represented “my style”… However, with this, she spoke my thoughts.

“YES, I can go to bed with you every night!”

I love that! I want to go to bed every night and know that I did my best! “I did it my way….” Can you hear the tune?

So that leads me to the next video. I happen to be the type of person who blurts/sings out lyrics to pieces of songs that appear to fit the moment. I’m not even that great with the lyrics to the whole song… just bits and pieces. Last week as well as the start of this week have been a bit of a struggle for me. Feeling a little discombobulated… And then I randomly shout/Sing… “This is my fight song.” ¬†I throw myself a little flotation devise with this. I’ve sung this so much in the last week, my husband asked who I’m fighting… I’m like “Dude… I’m keeping my head above water right now… I’m fighting for ME!” And so… Please enjoy the beat and the lyrics…

Now, as you get to know me, you will learn I have a very deep faith and ¬†love of God. I know if I leave my heart open for his intentions and most importantly his GRACE I will live an amazing life. And seriously, although there are many days I struggle physically, and emotionally… Have experienced tremendous loss, been through what seems like a personal hell and back sometimes, I know there is more to me, more fight and I do already live an amazing life.

Grace… Grace… Grace… AMAZING GRACE! There are so many versions of this song. Have you heard Il Divo? Google that. I love it. It will bring you to your knees. But I want to share another version. ¬†I’m sharing a mix. I KNOW!!! Who would ever mix Amazing Grace with anything? But they did… and they did with MY FIGHT SONG! Could you get more opposite? But seriously.. I’m fighting for me! And I’m so grateful I have the Grace of God on my side. One of my besties just shared this yesterday… My eyes filled with puddles… I felt this to the depth of my soul. I knew it was what I had to share with you today…

So, I look in the mirror and I look into my own eyes. I Love myself. I am so grateful for the Grace of God. I am completely empowered…I am the best version of me… I want to share that!

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